Spray Away D.O.A. in Action

Limitations of Your Mask’s Protection; You Need to MAX your MASK

Face masks do not block or kill a virus, but rather harbor them in a moist environment. The virus arrives in an air born droplet. It stays in your mask as a droplet. Your breathing pumps more moisture into the mask.

Even after removing the mask, the virus may live 7 days until full drying occurs.

A study from the medical journal Lancet showed that the SARS-CoV-2 virus remained on the outside of the surgical masks for up to 7 days and up to 4 days on the inside of the mask.

There is a solution. You need to prophylactically coat both sides of your mask with a long-lasting residual antimicrobial reagent with the potential to inactivate the microbes within your mask. Allow the spray to dry a few minutes before using mask. Spray mask daily and certainly after washing.

Spray Away D.O.A. is a fast-acting, long-lasting,

all-purpose sanitizing solution for use anywhere germs might be.

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Spray Away D.O.A. has a Unique Dual Action Formula that kills on contact with alcohol and leaves behind an invisible antimicrobial crystal coating that continues to protect against germs and other harmful bacteria even after the spray dries! Easy on the hands and skin; Spray Away D.O.A. heals as it protects.