Lanny L. Johnson, M.D. is an internationally recognized orthopedic surgeon.  As such he was one of the pioneers in arthroscopic surgery, a holder of 77 US patents primarily related to medicine.

Since concluding his clinical practice, he has devoted his life to research and development primarily in antimicrobials.  He first recognized that a food metabolite, protocatechuic acid had broad spectrum anti-biotic properties.  He was granted US patent 9,925,152 Antimicrobials and methods of use thereof for wound healing. March 27, 2018.

He then discovered that this same reagent coated on metal or cloth possessed a biofilm destroying property for MRSA and Pseudomonas.  He was issued US patent 10,004,705. Antimicrobials and the methods of use. 7/26/2018.

With the emergence of COVID19, he started investigating the use of PCA as an anti-viral. A review of the literature showed that PCA had antiviral effects in other diseases. This led to him funding two independent contract laboratory studies concerning whether PCA would have an effect on SARS Co2. The answer was yes. View his FDA Application Summary. This web site is devoted to reporting those investigations and the applications Dr. Johnson was using himself.
The ingredients are classified as Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA. PCA under the category of a food flavoring additive. Although developed with criteria necessary for an FDA or EPA approval, that designation is not required for marketing without prior FDA approval as PCA is a nutraceutical.

Spray Away has a dual effect. The alcohol kills the germs that are present. Upon evaporation, the PCA comes out of the solution and provides a crystalline coating over the hand, body, mask, PPE, or ventilation filter. The alcohol sprays away and the residual PCA coating causes any subsequent microbes to die upon contact. Hence the bye line D.O.A. Easy on the hands and skin; Spray Away D.O.A. heals as it protects.